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Fortress of Hope Educational and Youth Development Foundation

About Fortress of Hope

The Fortress of Hope Educational and Youth Development Foundation is a Christian non-profit organization that is committed to Educational and Youth Development by creating platforms that would bring about the desired positive changes in the lives of the youths in Nigeria, to the economy of Africa as a continent and by ripple effect, the rest of the world.

We as an organization, are committed to revealing God's love to the world through our programs and in everything we do. Our actions are born out of a strong love and passion towards the educational development of the Nigerian Youth.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To offer educational scholarship to the less priviledged.
  2. To relieve poverty amongst vulnerable Children.
  3. To enable the poor discover their talents and potentials for self-value and self-actualization.
  4. To empower people to improve their living standard and be key players in societal development.
  5. To advocate on social welfare of children, youth and women.

At Fortress of Hope Foundation, we have two major programs which include; Educational Support and Youth Development.

Educational Support

Our goal in Educational support focuses on creating platforms to improve the quality of education in Africa and increase access to quality education by school aged children marginalized by poverty. As a foundation, we focus the bulk of our efforts on educational support for individuals and schools because we strongly believe that education is one major tool that has the power to change the current economic condition of Nigeria and Africa..Read More

Youth Development

Our work in youth and leadership development is to create programs for youths that will contribute to building a generation of well-developed youth leaders who are committed to contributing to their communities. We also aim to provide integrated and holistic leadership development modules for leaders, professionals and youths; and to nurture entrepreneurial, social, political, economic skills development and innovative leadership..Read More



  Our President - Dr. Joseph Olugbenga Olorunda
The Fortress of Hope Educational and Youth Development Foundation is the vision of Dr. Joseph Olugbenga Olorunda. This vision is born out of love and passion to assist the less priviledged in the society to become self-reliant. ...Read more


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